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 250g (approx. 11 pieces) per bag.


Many will remember them as barley toys, but no one will forget the sweet taste of this delightful coloured hard candy shapes on a stick. Bringing smiles to young and old alike since 1922!

Made with sugar and water. No artificial flavours added.

Storage Tip: It's best to keep all sugar based candies in the fridge.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dorothy Lecky

Like others, remember these when I was a child - now 80 ! Bought at Bulk Barn in Summerside, PEI this past Christmas season. Have just finished my second bag. Will think about buying online , thing holding me back is the price ! Will decide if I am addicted . Lol Most likely am😩. Eat with apples so I don't feel too guilty. Ha ha.


Brings back many childhood memories

Charnell Le Blanc
Barley Candy

Oh my heart did a little flutter when my package arrived...the memories of when I was a child anx looking for my barley candy in my stocking. Left CB in'79 and I always think of Barley Cindy at Christmas...now I got my stock but not sure they will last until Christmas. Thank you so much.

Vernon MacDonald
Barly candy

I enjoyed these candy when i was a child in Nova Scotia when i moved to Manitoba i didn't have access to these delights. i'm so glad i found east coast catalogue

Love these barley toys!

Love these barley toys! Brings back memories of my childhood when my dad used to bring these home for us. Ahhh... that sweet taste.