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Hard Bread, also known as Hard tack, has been a dietary staple of Newfoundlanders for decades. Hard Bread was developed from the ancient sea biscuit which formed the basis of meals on fishing vessels and cargo ships prior to the 1840s when baking onboard was impossible. Due to its long shelf life, hard bread was an ideal substitute for fresh bread. As one tale goes, a cook on a schooner was preparing a meal of hard bread and fish for the crew and was asked to break-up the bread, or ”bruise” the bread prior to it being soaked. Thus the term “Brewis”.

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I grew up with fish & brewing & fish & brewing years ago in Newfoundland.
I received a bag & 1/2 & cooked up cod with onion ( no fatback) & gave some to former Newfies & those who aren't.
It was given a thumbs up. I had it for breakfast & supper. One of the best
traditions ever from Nfld. Besides toutons & baked beans.
Thank you Purity. Love your candy too!!


Just happy I can get these.


Arrived on time. Very fresh. I’ve been struggling to find hard bread in Ontario for the past year, so glad to be able to have it delivered right to my door.


Excellent service. Shipped to my home in Washington State with no issues. East Coast Catalog kept me updated with emails. Easy online ordering credit card processing took care of the currency conversion. Great to have hard to find Purity products in my pantry. Absolutely will order from them again.

Gloria hendon
I❤️Hard bread !!!

I grew up with hard bread! My parents were from Newfoundland! A piece with butter is my favorite ❤️❤️