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SAVE when you order your favourite chocolate bar in bulk - 12 bars!

This original Chocolate Bar first hit the market in 1922.

Fudge and peanuts wrapped in Ganong's best chocolate. Taste a bit of History.

**Please note:  This item is heat sensitive - order at your own risk.**

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Delicious 😋

Janet Pirie
my favourite chocolate bar

I loved these bars all my life. I moved to Montreal, and I found one store that carried them. (not saying there weren't more, but I found one of them).
Then I couldn't find them.
So my sister in NB started sending me a box every now and then.
When I took the bus home to NS, I'd buy them at the bus stops.
I recently moved back to NS, and my NB sister said now that I am in the Maritimes, she doesn't need to send them any more.
But I haven't found any yet.
When I visited, I used to get them at the Candy Store in Halifax, but that, alas, is gone too.
I blame the gradual disappearance of Pal-O-Mine on Hershey.
And my favourite chocolate bar today is Lindt chili. But I NEED my second-favourite, Pal-O-Mine!
I hope, if you are reading this, you run out and buy a bunch and give them to some of your friends, who will also run out and buy a bunch, and they will become as popular with a large part of the market as they are with me.