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6 Cans of Lobster Spread (Paste/Pate)

If you're serious about making lobster or fish chowder, then you probably already know about this product.

Renowned in Atlantic Canada as an absolute necessity!  Made from premium lobster tomalley and roe, it is ideal in chowders, soups, sandwiches and dips.  Some prefer to eat it right out of the can or spread on crackers.

East Coast Catalog is proud to be the leading online retailer of Star of the Sea Lobster Spread!  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robert O'Leary
Wonderful Product, Wonderful People

I have all ready received some cans of this very high quality Lobster
Paste and am looking forward to my second shipment This product is clean(No shells) Great red color and extremely Tasty Makes great sandwiches.
And to deviate a little bit
I had occasion to speak to the people who run this business and found them to not only be in NS-My Province But to be Salt of the earth folks
and great people to do business with and wish them much success
Your new friend in the U.S.

marvin white
sea food in a can

originally from bathurst nb love lobster paste cant find it in sudbury my brotherinlaw brings me some every summer but it dont last long i would like more info on all of your products and any shipping service that you might have