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A 16 ounce (675g) container of Crosby's Gold Star Molasses. A must have for every cook and kitchen.

Molasses is the juice extracted from mature sugar cane. It is clarified and evaporated to the consistency of syrup, with a rich clear colour and a unique sweet-tart taste. From there, the molasses is fine filtered and pasteurized to give a pure sweet product. Molasses is a pure product with no additives or preservatives. In fact, the only ingredient on the package is Molasses! It is an excellent source of many minerals and is a natural sweetener to use in cereal, oatmeal, on pancakes, in bread and makes the most flavourful bran muffins!

At one time, Molasses was the principal sweetener in every North American household and was exported from various Carribean locations aboard schooners, brigs and brigantines.