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Order 6 Jars of Annands Bar Clams and SAVE money!


You've NEVER had clams from a jar like this before!  East Coast Catalog is proud to offer Annand Bar Clams from the only certified bar clam processing facility in Atlantic Canada.  

This is a premium, high quality product with a satisfying, "meaty" clam taste - it's the next best thing to fresh!   Ideal for use in chowders, stews, pastas, clam strip meals or right out of the jar.

Facts about bar clams (Spisula Solidisima):

- Thick, chalky shell, covered with a thin olive-brown skin

- The largest clams available in the northwest Atlantic region

- Can be found from Labrador to the Gulf of Mexico

- Most abundant in the southern and western Gulf of St. Lawrence


**PLEASE NOTE:  We do our best to ensure this item arrives in tact by carefully bubble wrapping and using additional packing paper, however, this item may leak or break in transit - order at your own risk.**


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