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Chicken Bones are a Ganong original and Canadian holiday favourite for generations! Now you can enjoy this delectable candy year round.  The famous pink cinnamon outer shell surrounds bittersweet chocolate in the centre. 

How does the chocolate get inside?

The production of Ganong Chicken Bones begins with the blending, cooking and kneading of quality ingredients. Flavour and pink colouring is added during the kneading process. Then, the candy is flattened and a layer of thick chocolate is poured on top of the candy. Skilled craftsmen roll this pink blanket of cinnamon candy around its chocolate centre. The roll is stretched by hand over an open flame and fed into a machine to ensure the width of the roll is the width of the average chicken bone, an often tricky procedure. At last, the end result is a candy that tastes of sweet cinnamon on the outside and a satisfying burst of chocolate on the inside.

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